Bathroom Accessories

bathroom accessories: robe hooks on wall

Coordinated bathroom accessories in 28 finishes compliment any faucet style.

Popular Finishes

We offer 28 decorative finishes. Here are just a few…

Polished Chrome Handle

Polished Chrome

Satin Nickel Handle

Satin Nickel

Matte Black Handle

Matte Black

Burnished Brass Uncoated Handle

Burnished Brass

Burnished Nickel Uncoated Handle

Burnished Nickel

Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Handle

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Satin Brass PVD Handle

Satin Brass

Satin Bronze PVD Handle

Satin Bronze

person wraps faucet in eco-friendly recyclable packaging

Made in California

Each of our faucets is designed, engineered, hand-finished, individually assembled and tested for quality right here in our factory in Huntington Beach California.