Production Status

Due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on supply chains, our estimated lead times are temporarily longer than in the past, as well as subject to occasional extra delays without notice.

However, we're pleased to report that our factory remains in full operation and we're able to produce all of our 28 artisan finishes. Throughout the pandemic we have diligently adhered to the most current and strict health guidelines for the safety of our employees and the community-at-large. In line with our “people first” philosophy, our erring on the side of caution will naturally continue, and we will keep you updated as circumstances may warrant.

Current Estimated Lead Times for our Finishes:


PC- Polished Chrome - 2 to 5 weeks

SN- Satin Nickel 4 to 7 weeks

PN- Polished Nickel – 2 to 5 weeks

MBLK- Matte Black 4 to 7 weeks

MWHT- Matte White 3 to 5 weeks

PBU- Polished Brass Uncoated – 8 to 10 weeks

ORB- Oil Rubbed Bronze – 4 to 6 weeks


ABF- Antique Brass Flat 6 to 8 weeks

BBU- Burnished Brass Uncoated – 6 to 8 weeks

BLKN- Black Nickel (PVD) 6 to 8 weeks

BNU- Burnished Nickel Uncoated 8 to 10 weeks

BTB- Bella Terra Bronze 5 to 8 weeks

MOB- Mocha Bronze (PVD) – 6 to 8 weeks

PB- Polished Brass (PVD) – 5 to 8 weeks

RBZ- Rustico Bronze 6-8 weeks

WHT- White 6 to 8 weeks

USS- Ultra Stainless Steel (PVD) 5 to 8 weeks

Variable, Extended Delivery

ACF- Antique Copper Flat 10 to 12 weeks

ANF- Antique Nickel Flat 10 to 12 weeks

BLK- Black 8 to 12 weeks

CB- Carbon (PVD) – 8 to 10 weeks

FRG- French Gold (PVD) – 8 to 10 weeks

GRP- Graphite (PVD) – 8 to 10 weeks

SB- Satin Brass (PVD) – 8 to 12 weeks

LPG- Lifetime Polished Gold (PVD) – 8 to 10 weeks

LSG- Lifetime Satin Gold (PVD) – 10 to 13 weeks

SBZ- Satin Bronze (PVD) – 10 to 15 weeks

SC- Satin Chrome (PVD) 8 to 10 weeks

Please note that we do not offer mass produced faucets, but high quality, custom built-to-order faucets. With over 25 spout and handle options, and more than 30 finishes, there are over 2 million unique design options for widespread faucets alone. This unique flexibility allows virtually unlimited design choices; however, this may sometimes make estimated lead times less accurate than mass produced product.

Therefore, please note all lead times are estimates. While we usually ship faster than the estimated lead times, occasionally an unforeseen circumstance—like the current pandemic—causes a lead time to be exceeded.

Thanks for your understanding and support during this challenging time. Stay safe and healthy!

Updated 3/14/22