StyleTherm Thermostatic Shower Trims

Style, down to the finest detail.

At the heart of a California Faucets shower is StyleTherm®, a revolutionary approach to the thermostatic shower valve.

Steampunk Bay Style Therm trim TO THQN 85 W BBU cca

Knowledge of StyleTherm®

For a spa-like experience at home, nothing beats StyleTherm. Our state-of-the-art thermostatic system delivers precision temperature and volume control, simultaneously for multiple fittings. We’ve created the very first thermostatic shower system that’s entirely compliant with the California Green Building Code (CALGreen).

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StyleTherm trim on wet wall

Advanced features for ultimate control.

  • Easily and accurately set precise mixed water temperature
  • Protect against dangerous sudden changes in both water pressure and temperature
  • Temperature override button to prevent inadvertent scalding
  • Volume control allows you to adjust water pressure from low to high
  • Independent volume controls allow you to operate multiple devices simultaneously
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StyleTherm shower system with showerhead, handshower, and rain shower

Shower technology for the whole family

Whether it's the convenience of dialing in an exact temperature paired with multiple showerheads in the master bathroom or the safety and water-saving features in the kid's bath, there's a solution for every shower.

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Engineered to our exacting standards

When "the best" wasn't good enough, we set out to blaze a new trail. Designed and engineered from the ground up, at our factory in Huntington Beach, CA., StyleTherm offers all of this advanced technology for the same price as an equivalent pressure balance system.

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StyleTherm® Systems

StyleTherm shower trim

Single Integral Volume Control System

Our single integral volume control model offers all the quality and precision control of StyleTherm but for a simpler, single application shower. It’s ideal for your bathrooms that have a single shower with one showerhead or handshower.

StyleTherm shower trim with two valves

Dual Integral Volume Control System

Our Dual Integral Volume Control models have a high flow rate and independent water volume controls that allow you to operate up to two shower applications
simultaneously or independently with no temperature variation or loss of flow rate.

StyleTherm shower trim with two valves

Integrated Two-Way Diverter

With the addition of a diverter, this is the first in the industry to meet stringent water conservation standards, including the most stringent of them all, the California Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen). Controls two devices for those who only want to use one device at a time.

StyleTherm shower trim for temperature valve

¾'' Thermostatic System

Ideal for your luxury master bath, this model accommodates multiple shower applications simultaneously, each with its own independent volume control. You can enjoy a rain showerhead, body spray and hand-held spray all at once, two at once or just one. It offers the greatest flexibility and allows you to create an ideal, customized shower experience.

StyleTherm trim with ADA compliant long handle

ADA Compliant StyleTherm Handles

Got accessibility needs? We offer extra-long traditional and contemporary handle styles for ease of use.